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Frequently Asked Power Base Questions

Power Bases by Ashley
You spend a huge chunk of your life asleep, so make your bed into the most comfortable and relaxing place it can be! With a collection of items that range from plush bed pillows to mattresses from Ashley-Sleep, Ashley has whatever you need to sleep soundly. Whether you need a power bed or bedding accessories, at Ashley you can rest easy knowing that your perfect bed is just a click away.

What Mattress is Necessary for a Power Base?
Power bases are a way to ease the burden of numerous health problems like back pain, acid reflux, snoring and poor circulation. But before you invest in a power base, you have to make sure your mattress is compatible. Owners of latex, memory foam and hybrid mattresses can rest easy — these types of mattresses are perfect since they have more flexibility and don’t wear easily. If you have an innerspring mattress, you should proceed carefully. The coils in innerspring mattresses generally cannot accommodate the wear and tear of a power adjustable bed, ultimately causing damage to the mattress. To learn and compare what types of beds are perfect for you, read this blog.

What Features are Available on an Adjustable Bed?
These days, power adjustable beds are becoming incredibly sophisticated. Many power bases come with wireless remote controls and one-touch presets that let you conveniently find your ideal sleeping position. Many power beds are engineered and designed to fit into most bed frames and headboards and feature trademarks like USB power ports, massage, LED underbed lighting and quiet motor design.

What are Benefits of a Power Base Bed?
A power base bed is perfect for people who have issues like back pain, neck pain, spinal problems and snoring since changing positions is known to alleviate aches and pains. Some power beds even come with presets that automatically move you or your partner into an anti-snore position, ensuring that everyone get’s a great night’s sleep. For people with back pain, these bases come with massage features that loosen up your muscles for supreme comfort. Zero-gravity presets even elevate your head and feet to simulate weightlessness, giving you the ultimate pressure-relief.