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Hammocks and Hammock Stands by Ashley

Look forward to blissful, lazy afternoons. When you lay down in a hammock, you enter an elevated state of relaxation that uplifts your mood with each gentle sway. An outdoor hammock set up in your backyard is the perfect way to wind-down, as you swing surrounded by lush greens. Even when the weather takes a cool turn you can set up your hammock near an outdoor heater to continue enjoying during chilly months. Adding a patio hammock alongside other outdoor furniture, like a patio conversation set is a stylish way to integrate a tranquil spot into your own personal retreat. And with our carefully curated selection of sizes and styles, all at an outstanding value, you’re sure to find that perfect match.


Different hammocks are made of different materials, and each one serves its own unique purpose. The special features that each material touts are important to keep in mind when shopping for your new hammock. For example, an acrylic mesh hammock is water resistant, which makes it an excellent choice if you plan to hang your hammock poolside. Our rope hammocks provide open airflow for hot summer days, and are often made with fibers that resist mildew, rot and decay. We also offer tightly woven cotton hammocks that offer breathability, long lasting color and a variety of colors and patterns to choose from.


No matter your personal style, we have a hammock that will suit you just right. If your style is bold, flashy and full of life, you’ll adore our colorful striped hammocks. You can never have too much color, and each of our striped outdoor hammocks are designed in an array of mood-lifting hues to evoke countless moments of smiles, laughter and pure joy. If you prefer to stick to subtle, neutral hues, no worries—we have plenty of those options for you to browse. From solid color designs to thick color-blocked patterns, there’s surely a hammock that will appeal to your classy, contemporary sense of style.

Where to Hang Your Hammock

Now that you’ve chosen your perfect hammock, where should you hang it up? The great thing about hammocks is their versatility. Many are designed with the ability to hang between two trees for an au-naturel vibe. You can even hang hammocks on an outdoor pergola or from the ceilings of balconies and porches—though professional installation is highly recommended. If you don’t want to worry about whether or not your hammock is securely hung, consider purchasing a pre-assembled hammock stand. They are h2 and secure with the added bonus of being totally portable. If you decide to change up your patio furniture layout, it’s as easy as can be.