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Outdoor Decor by Ashley

Does your backyard need a little more pizazz? Ashley can help with that. Our selection of outdoor decor is just what you need to turn a humdrum space into a patio fit for royalty. Whether you're looking for outdoor wall decor to give your space some personality or outdoor planters to hold all of your green children, you'll find it all here.

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Oasis

Having a relaxing place where you can unwind at the end of the day is crucial, and patio decor is one way to make your space more chill. For example, you can grab a gurgling water fountain to add pleasant background noise as you meditate. Birdbaths are another idea to invite wildlife to linger in your yard. If you go this route, surround it with plant stands and then add some colorful greenery to make birds feel more at home.

The final touch? Throw up one or two hammock stands so you can let yourself sway in the breeze on a warm summer day. All of these outdoor patio decor ideas can give you inner peace - and a space visitors will love.

Outdoor Patio Decor Trends

One outdoor patio trend we're likely to see more of is all-season use. People are taking advantage of the outdoors all year round, so your outdoor patio decor will need to reflect that. Consider grabbing a patio heater or fire pit to help guests stay warm on those chilly fall nights.

Another outdoor decor idea is to use cool, calming colors in your designs. Think blues, cool grays, soft greens, and even creams. As an example, green outdoor rugs would look great with a wall of plants surrounding them. You could also find outdoor patio wall decor with positive messages to keep the mood light.

You've heard us talk about plants a lot already - that's because they're another huge trend in patio decor this season. Many patio decor ideas revolve around integrating plants into your walls, planting them in pots around your space, and even hanging them from awnings or porch ceilings. You could even be sustainable and grow your own herbs and vegetables on your patio!

Small Patio Decor Ideas

Wondering how to decorate a patio that's on the smaller side? Your best bet is to take advantage of outdoor hanging decor and patio wall decor. Things like wall signs, hanging plant baskets, and vertical waterfalls all let you add some style to your space without taking up precious floor space. You can also keep an eye out for other small patio decor, like mini statues, that you can place in corners or on tables.

You can also play with small patio decor ideas involving lighting. Because you don't need a ton of illumination in your small space, decorative solar lights can add just enough brightness without being overwhelming.