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Frequently Asked Baby and Toddler Gear Questions

Baby and Toddler Gear by Ashley HomeStore

With so many options for toddler and baby gear, how do you determine what you really need without getting overwhelmed? Ashley HomeStore carries the best in essential baby gear to help you tackle your days (and nights) with young children. Read on to learn more about our high-quality baby and toddler gear products.

What Toddler and Baby Gear Do I Really Need?
The gear you need is specific to your family’s lifestyle and budget, but there are common baby items that most families find essential. You’ll want a baby carrier and a baby stroller for on-the-go baby and toddler travel gear. A portable crib is also great for families that travel, or even for staying over at grandma’s house. Toddlers learning to potty train will love the independence afforded from bathroom step stools and potty seats. Toys, activity mats, and walkers will engage growing senses during the day. And baby bathtubs make it easy to safely wash baby while also helping them relax and wind down for the night. 

What Kind of Stroller Should I Get?
Strollers not only move your little one, they also function as a handy place to store diaper bags, toys, and other on-the-go essentials. Parents who travel a lot might lean toward a lightweight stroller that is easy to carry and folds up small. Parents who have two young children will probably find a double stroller is the best choice for their strolling needs. There are also jogging strollers and outdoor strollers that make quick work of varying terrains. Check out Ashley HomeStore’s versatile and high-quality strollers that make going out with baby easier and more relaxing.

What Is the Best Baby Carrier?
Baby carriers allow you to be hands-free while keeping your baby content and safe. There are many different types of baby carriers, and many parents find that buying more than one type allows them to tackle different outings. Wrap baby carriers come in different sizes to accommodate babies of varying ages and sizes. These can be worn in many different ways, and are extra-comfortable and lightweight for your convenience. Structured baby carriers grow with baby from birth to the toddler years, and allow you to face your baby inward or outward depending on their age. 

Where Do I Buy the Best Baby Gear?
Ashley HomeStore carries top-quality baby gear, so you can rest easy knowing your little one is getting the best in safe, durable baby and toddler gear. Browse our many items that will help you create days that are less stressful and more efficient so you can spend more time enjoying the moments with your little one.