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Frequently Asked Baby and Toddler Bedding Questions

Baby and Toddler Bedding by Ashley HomeStore
Give your little one everything they need for soothing, restful sleep with quality baby and toddler bedding designed to keep them safe and sound. Our wide variety of crib and toddler mattresses, mattress pads, and pillows will keep your child supported and comfortable. Read on to learn how Ashley HomeStore’s cute, high-quality bedding keeps your little one covered day and night.

What Bedding Should I Use for a Newborn?
For your newborn, the main pieces you’re going to need are a crib, crib mattress pad, and a fitted crib sheet . Make sure you keep spare mattress pads and crib sheets on hand for quick changes. If you prefer a bassinet for your baby, make sure you have a spare bassinet mattress pad and bassinet sheet. Pediatricians recommend against placing toys or blankets in a newborn’s sleeping space, so go with minimal to ensure your baby’s sleeping setup is safe. Once newborns age into the toddler years and sleep in a toddler bed, you can start including a stuffed animal, blanket, and pillow to keep them cozy and supported.

How Often Should You Change Your Baby's Bedding?
As a rule of thumb, you should wash your baby’s bedding at least once a week, and no less than every two weeks. Wash bedding sooner if there is a stain or accident. Keeping several spare sheets and mattress pads on-hand will ensure you will always have clean bedding to place on your baby’s crib.

What Material is Best for Baby & Toddler Bedding?
You’ll want safe, soft baby and toddler bedding materials that won’t be abrasive against your baby’s skin. Stick with cotton, jersey, and flannel bedding for comfortable, long-lasting, machine-washable bedding. Cotton is one of the most popular bedding materials because it is breathable, soft, and durable. Jersey bedding is great in both warm and cold weather, and it carries the added benefit of being super stretchy and easy to put on and take off. Flannel bedding is often thought of as the perfect winter bedding as it is made of knit fabric that helps insulate you as you snooze. Ashley HomeStore carries the softest bedding for toddlers and babies in a variety of adorable prints.

What Baby & Toddler Bedding is Best for My Child's Room Style?
Pay attention to what your child loves and follow that as your guide. The colors and things your baby or toddler loves will help you pick out the kind of bedding they’ll love. Maybe they love the color green, or perhaps they are obsessed with dinosaurs. It is so exciting to explore your little one’s growing personality and preferences, so have fun with it!