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Frequently Asked Baby and Toddler Lighting Questions

Baby and Toddler Lighting by Ashley HomeStore

A baby room light creates a cozy ambiance in the nursery. From a whimsical table lamp to full-length floor lamps, nursery lighting is a practical and cute addition to your baby and toddler room. Read on to learn more about how to use baby and toddler lighting.

What Is the Best Night-Light for a Baby?

Total darkness is best for encouraging sleep. However, if you need a light to come on when you check on your baby, research has actually shown that warm red or amber lights are best for promoting sleep. Blue and white lights have the opposite effect of making the observer feel more alert, so avoid these colors for your nursery lighting setup.

Should You Leave a Light on for a Newborn?

New parents need to be able to see during late-night feedings and changes. Because of this, lighting in the nursery is more for your benefit than your baby’s. Remember that light helps newborns develop their circadian rhythms by encouraging a diurnal pattern of sleeping when it’s dark and waking when it’s light. Therefore, make sure to keep the nursery dark when you want your little one to sleep, and use natural light or soft lighting for daytime hours.

Do You Need a Lamp in the Nursery?

When it comes to baby room lamps, you want to make sure you use a lightbulb that isn’t overly bright. Opt for softer light bulbs that aren’t harsh or fluorescent; anything that emulates natural light will be best. While not necessary, you might benefit from having a lamp on a nursery side table or nightstand to complement natural lighting during the day.

How To Block Out Light in a Nursery

Blackout curtains are a great way to block daytime light that could prematurely wake your sleeping infant from their nap. Make sure the curtains aren’t close to the crib so your child can’t yank or pull on them, as that can be a safety hazard. Explore Ashley HomeStore’s many baby lighting and decor options to create an adorable, functional nursery for your home.