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Frequently Asked Storage Cubes, Drawers, & Organizers Questions

Storage Cubes, Drawers & Organizers by Ashley
Your bedroom is where you go to unwind, so when clutter starts to get in the way, it might be time to step up the storage. Storage cubes are stylish organizers that come in a variety of sizes. They’re often paired with bedroom storage drawers that easily slide in and out of the cubes. These bedroom storage systems are easy, attractive, and affordable options for a neat and orderly bedroom — or any room!

What do you store in storage cubes?
One of the advantages of bedroom storage cubes is versatility. They store just about anything small enough to fit into the storage drawers, such as clothes, accessories, and extra sheet sets and blankets. Don’t forget the kiddos! A 5 cube storage shelf holds a lot of toys, books, and art supplies. And if toys are in a storage cube, that means they’re not on the floor. It’s every parent’s dream come true.

How much weight can a cube organizer hold?
The amount of weight a cube organizer can hold depends on a variety of factors, such as its size, materials, and placement. In general, each shelf has the ability to hold 10-15 pounds per shelf. This would mean a 2 cube storage shelf holds up to 20-30 pounds, a 3 cube storage shelf holds up to 30-45 pounds, and a 4 cube storage shelf holds up to 40-60 pounds. Secure the organizer to the wall and distribute weight evenly throughout the shelves to help prevent toppling. Cube organizers are not meant to hold body weight. For your own safety, never sit, stand, or lean on them.