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Frequently Asked Jewelry & Accessories Storage Questions

Jewelry & Accessories Storage by Ashley
Have you ever had that moment where you knew the exact pair of earrings you wanted to wear, but you could only find one? How about when two bracelets get twisted together and won’t come apart? It’s frustrating, to say the least. Storing trinkets in jewelry organizers is the simplest, most effective way to avoid this. Every piece has its place, and everything is organized to perfection. Whether you need a simple jewelry case or an elegant jewelry armoire, Ashley has a selection of styles to complement every bedroom.

How to store necklaces?
If you’ve ever tried to get a knot out of a delicate chain, you know how important it is to avoid tangled necklaces. That’s why it’s best to hang them, rather than placing them in a storage drawer or case. Jewelry stands have bars that let necklaces hang freely, keeping them organized and tangle-free. And necklace collectors love the space in a jewelry cheval. There are plenty of hooks for hanging necklaces of any length, and when you choose the one you want, you can admire yourself in the mirrored front.

How do you organize a lot of jewelry?
Once you have your jewelry storage picked out, you can begin to organize. First, you’ll want to separate jewelry into different piles by type and occasion. This means you’ll have separate piles for casual earrings and formal earrings, casual necklaces and formal necklaces, and so on. Once all your jewelry has been separated, you can load it into your jewelry storage case. Start with the jewelry you wear less often and finish with the jewelry you wear on a regular basis. This keeps you from digging around and messing up your newly organized jewelry!

Where should you keep jewelry?
Whether it’s a sentimental piece or not, all jewelry deserves to be treated with care. For those with larger collections, a wooden jewelry armoire will certainly do the trick. It has a roomier interior with plentiful amounts of storage. If hiding away your jewelry isn’t your thing, opt for a glass jewelry case or an acrylic jewelry case. These put your baubles or watches on full display to help you quickly find what to wear in the morning.