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Frequently Asked Closet System Questions
Closet storage systems can make your clothing and accessories look as stylish when they’re tucked away as they do when you wear them. They also can save you time getting ready because you know where everything is instead of rummaging through a pile of hangers and clutter. Although the standard closet gets the job done, its lonely rod and single shelf rarely provide the storage space many people need or the design aesthetic they’d like. Investing in custom-made closet organizer systems is one solution, but there are plenty of affordable closet systems that are preconfigured, easy to install, and adjustable, too.

What are Closet Systems?
Closet systems are methods of storing and organizing clothing, shoes, jackets, accessories, and other items in a way that works together in various configurations and sizes. For example, a closet system can add more storage space through expandable wire closet shelving, wall brackets, and telescoping rods. Likewise, a modular closet system can incorporate laminate or wood shelving, drawer units, and multi-divided compartments around several hanging rods.

Is a Closet System Worth it?
Whether you have a DIY closet system or work with someone to install a custom design, most people find that closet shelving systems turn your closet from a space that’s perhaps barely functional into one you don’t mind visiting. Using a system of rods, shelves, drawers, and compartments gives your closet space definition so that you can find your pants, shirts, dresses, skirts, ties, scarves, and shoes quicker. Designating different storage areas in your closet also helps your clothes look fresh longer. You might have to iron less often if you can pull out a favorite top easily, for instance. Some closet organizer systems turn parts of the closet into display space for favorite accessories such as purses, shoes, hats, or jewelry, complete with accent lighting. Other closet systems creatively incorporate a laundry hamper or storage bins for children’s toys, making cleaning a snap. Small closet systems are ideal for awkward corners and dead spaces where a single storage unit or cluster of cubbies won’t do. A slim modular tower with a rod and a few shelves, for instance, can complement a walk-in closet system by turning that one bare wall into usable space for items you use often or storage baskets for seasonal gear such as gloves or swimwear.