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Frequently Asked Clothes Hanger Questions

Clothes Hangers by Ashley

Who here hasn’t suffered from clothes hanger bumps? You know, those unsightly little bumps you usually see on your shirt shoulders? Those are from using the wrong clothes hangers. Hangers aren’t universal, so using the right ones go a long way to preserving your clothes and coordinating your closet.

Do hangers ruin clothes?

The short answer: it depends. Wire coat hangers (like the kind you get with dry cleaning) should only be used temporarily. They can cause creasing and might have sharp ends that could tear the fabric. Straight hangers, like those used as pants hangers or trouser hangers, should only be used for pants; they don’t have the sloped design needed for most garments.

What hangers are best for clothes?

Plastic clothes hangers are a good all-around option for most clothes. They’re lightweight, yet sturdy. For heftier items such as jackets and suits, wood clothes hangers have the wide, contoured shoulders to support additional bulk. And metal clothes hangers with four tiers go a long way in preserving closet space.

Is it better to fold or hang clothes?

Properly storing clothes depends on their weight and material. Delicate materials like lace, silk, or satin should be hung with closet clothes hangers, as well as anything treated with starch. Wrinkle-prone clothing like blouses or dress pants also use clothes hangers. Heavier garments like embellished gowns or sweaters ought to be folded and can be stored on closet shelves . Also, it’s best to fold stretchy materials like jersey or lycra to prevent them from stretching out.