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Towel Rack & Hardware by Ashley

Imagine emerging from a rejuvenating shower and wrapping yourself in a warm, fluffy towel. Without a nearby towel rack or hook, you might have had to tiptoe across the floor to the linen closet for your towel. Or maybe tried to balance it on the edge of the tub. There’s no question about it: towel racks or a hanging closet variety are better options.

Where should a bathroom towel rack be?

Most bathroom towel racks are positioned 48 inches above the floor, but there are a few exceptions. Bathrooms used by kids have lower towel racks: 36 inches for ages 3-4, 40 inches for ages 5-7, and 44 inches for ages 9-12. The recommended height for those with limited mobility is 44 inches. Also, see Ashley’s selection of bathroom benches, assisting with mobility.

Do towels dry on hooks?

Excellent for saving space, bathroom towel hooks mount over the door or mount on the wall using hardware. Use the hooks to hang-dry damp towels and robes but remember to use only one hook per towel. Moisture could get trapped between the layers which not only prevents it from drying, but could also attract bacteria. Wash your towels after every third use to keep them fresh and clean!