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Frequently Asked End and Side Tables Questions

End and Side Tables by Ashley
With a wide variety of styles and materials, side tables from Ashley are a great option if you need elegance and durability. Whether you’re looking for side tables for the living room or an end table in the den, we have something just-right for you. Trust Ashley to bring your space to life with furniture and accents that show off your style personality.

How Tall Should an End Table Be?
To create visual harmony in your space, living room end tables should be as tall as the arm of your couch or chair. This rule is made to serve a funtictional reason and was not made for pure aesthetic. When your side table is the appropriate height, your arm can easily grab accents and items off the table without strain. Check out our Living Room Furniture Layout Guide for more creative tips and ideas.

Do End Tables Need to Match?
Traditionally, end tables came in a set of two, which helped to add cohesiveness to a space without much effort. However, there’s no rule that says that end tables need to match. In many spaces, end tables that contrast adds a spark of interest and a lived-in quality. As long as the end tables are the same height and share some sort of characteristic (texture, pattern, color or material), then feel free to experiment. You can even mix and match coffee and end tables to create a beautifully bohemian living room with a variety of textures and materials.

How Tall Should a Side Table Lamp Be?
Lamps made for living room end tables are generally between 26 to 34 inches tall. This height is ideal because it gives off the right amount of light when a seated person is next to the respective table lamp and end table. Plus, the base of the lamp shade will be around eye-level creating balance – no one wants to feel dwarfed by a giant lampshade.