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Countertop Accessories by Ashley

If you’re ready for a chic, organized bathroom countertop, you’re in the right place! Does it feel like your soaps, sprays, and lotions are taking over a once-uncluttered countertop? The best way to counteract the mess is with bathroom countertop accessories that add beauty and order to a situation screaming for structure. Thankfully for you, Ashley has a large variety of space-saving and stylish accessories to explore.

How do you organize a small bathroom countertop?

One way to keep a neat and orderly countertop is to invest in a bathroom counter organizer. This gives toiletries and cosmetics a designated spot and prevents them from migrating across the countertop. When it comes to necessities like cotton balls and swabs, those can be stored in decorative jars or canisters to keep them contained and sanitary. When in doubt, go for a decorative vanity tray. They act as catch-alls for any loose items like candles, hair accessories, or jewelry.