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Frequently Asked Clocks Questions

Clocks by Ashley
Gone are the days when you needed a clock in every room. Now table and wall clocks have become vintage-style decor that harks back to a bygone era. Whether you’re nostalgic for the good ol’ days when you didn’t have a clock right in your pocket or just love the look, Ashley has a selection of wall and table clocks that add a decorative yet functional element to your surfaces.

Best Place to Add a Clock?
You can add decorative clocks just about anywhere. Hang a large wall clock above a sofa, put one on the mantle of a fireplace, set one in the dining room or create a gallery wall — the possibilities are endless. These placements are trusted and don’t go out of style. You can think of wall clocks as pieces of art and a table clock like another piece of decor that you can put on an accent table. Just look at the empty walls and space in your rooms as an opportunity to feature a beautiful ticking timepiece.

Style of Clock for Your Room?
If you have a hyper-traditional room, an antiqued or weathered clock is the perfect complement to this timeless style. Fans of contemporary interiors should search for clocks with large faces and bold numbers for a punchy and modern feel. Living room clocks can easily be incorporated into a gallery with a variety of photos and wall art, so consider more graphic clocks with interesting faces. If you’re a traveler, an arrangement with a time zone clock is a fun way to take up space on a large wall while showing off your personality.

Table Clock vs. Wall Clock?
Making the choice between a table clock or a wall clock depends on your room and where you’ll be placing the piece. Larger rooms with plenty of wall space make clocks look grand, like Big Ben. If you have a smaller room like an office or a bedroom, a table clock might be your preferred choice since the clock’s face won’t be distracting and it will give you more opportunities to play with placement in the room. Clocks and traditional home offices go together like apple and pie, to learn more about how you can dress up your office, check out this blog.