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Sofa & Couch Buying Guide by Ashley

Ready to transform your dull living room into a comfortable oasis? You'll need a stellar sofa for that. Luckily, Ashley is here to help with our wide selection of recliner sofas, sleeper sofas, and much more! With unmatched prices and quality, we're your one-stop destination for all things home.

What to Know Before Buying a Sofa

Before you buy a sofa, it's imperative to know the size of your room. You may be envisioning a large L-shaped couch for the family to share, but in reality, this type of sofa might take up the entire space.

Material and color are also important things to know. In general, sofas with hardwood construction are the most durable and long-lasting. As for types of sofa material, take note of whether it's natural leather or synthetic upholstery. A leather sofa can look better, but it requires more maintenance to look fresh. On the other hand, synthetic materials offer improved stain resistance and durability.

Sofa Size Always Matters

They say that size doesn't matter... but it does in the case of sofas. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that your sofa doesn't take up more than two-thirds of the room. Any bigger, and it will feel like there's no room to walk around. Luckily, we have a huge variety of sizes, from a small couch with only two seats to a large couch fit for the whole family.

Couch Colors That Don't Clash

It's a good idea to make sure the color of your new couch doesn't clash with the rest of your room. Sometimes, having an accent couch in a bold color can be a good style choice, but most people feel more comfortable with a couch in neutral shades. A cream, gray, brown, or black couch are all popular colors that match most decors.

Easily Match Your Sofa Style To Any Interior Design

Rocking a mid-century modern vibe in your home? Or maybe you're channeling the ghosts of the Victorian era? It doesn't matter, as Ashley has plenty of designs to match your existing interior. Choose a modern sofa for clean lines and minimalistic features. A leather match recliner couch could look impressive and grand for a more traditional style. Meanwhile, a tufted low-back sofa would look excellent in homes with more vintage styles.

Long-Lasting Sofa Material Varieties

You want your sofa to feel nice and last a long time, right? Luckily, that should be no problem with any of the styles we carry. Most of our fabric couches are made of polyester because of their durability. Because polyester can come in so many different forms, this means you'll find all types of couches, from those that have a soft, almost suede-like finish to ones with a more textured pattern. We also carry a fair amount of faux leather and leather match couches for a truly luxe vibe.

How Many Throw Pillows Go on a Sofa

Depending on the look that you're going for, the maximum number of throw pillows on a sofa is five. The classic, go-to pillow placement is two pillows at each arm of the sofa and an oblong cushion placed at the center. This creates a playful symmetry and leaves plenty of opportunities to be experimental with colors and prints. A more traditional style is a symmetrical and ordered look, with either one or two throw pillows arranged at each side of the couch. If you want something more eclectic and unexpected, place three or five pillows on your living room sofas and arrange them in such a way that they look effortless and asymmetrical. If having five throw pillows is not your thing, one pillow can easily spice up your space. Or, if five is simply too little, you can run wild with the number of pillows as long as you follow the basic techniques for creating symmetry and asymmetry.